26 Apr 2015 04:35 pm

spring cleaning sale!

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26 Apr 2015 04:38 pm

i’m having a spring cleaning sale over on my lulu store! 20% off everything until the 15th of may. if you’ve been thinking about picking something up now’s the time!

also, if you buy something by midnight tomorrow, you can save extra on the shipping with lulu's shipping promotion. free priority mail shipping or 50% off ground shipping on your order until 27 April with the code APR15


as for updates, get ready for them to get sparse again orz the summer semester starts tomorrow and i have a 60 second animation to do in 8 weeks, so i have to give priority to that. i hope you'll understand ><'


26 Apr 2015 08:39 pm

We understand.

We'll be sad and miss you, but we understand.

Good luck on the animation! ;) Can you share it when you're done?

27 Apr 2015 09:19 am

Yeah, I wanna see it the animation, too! ^^

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