25 Jul 2015 12:19 pm


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25 Jul 2015 12:19 pm

one of these panels might look very familiar to you if you bought my sketchbook last year ;3 this page has been tripping me up since the end of chapter 4, i'm so happy i finally passed it!!

thank you everyone who joined the editing stream for this page, apologies again that the chat kept cutting out so i couldn't talk with you ><


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@Inwoods: ah, thanks. not sure what was up with it so i just got rid of it ><


25 Jul 2015 03:02 pm

MT, the "Vote for Top Webcomics" picture on each webpage (found on bottom left) seems to be broken and has been for some time. Just wondering what's up with that?

26 Jul 2015 11:25 am

yer character designs are so rad

27 Jul 2015 02:26 pm

the dramaa!!
Im so exited you are updating regulary again!! yays!!!
I never catch you on streaming :C! I really want to join your streaming sometime! :D

30 Jul 2015 06:46 am

Younger bro?

So, if the one in this panel is Simo (middle bro), then the "little brother" is Sisu?

It is starting to make sense way back in a couple of chapters when Tristan, coming back from talking to his cousin said "Beware of the daw..."... Dawn?

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