28 Nov 2014 07:28 am

digital sketchbook news

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28 Nov 2014 07:32 am

i'm sorry this isn't a new page, but i have started the next one at least! i'm behind not just on hemlock but on schoolwork because of freelance work, oh dear oh dear...

this is a little preview lumi from the hemlock sketchbook!

if youíre at all considering buying the digital PDF version of my hemlock sketchbook, i would recommend doing it sooner than later; i might have to stop selling it, unless the VAT MOSS mess gets sorted out (naniiebim has a good summary here).

link to my etsy store here

(actually, come to think of it, if you want a hardcopy hurry too! iím down to the last 16 and if you want it by christmas royal mailís last posting dates are here)

29 Nov 2014 03:34 am


28 Nov 2014 10:49 pm

Had the sketchbook waiting for me when I came back home for break this week, I was thrilled to get it and absolutely love it!! <3

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