name: lumi
age: about 800
familiar: formerly suul (deceased), tristan
birthplace: finland
lumi is a witch who lives in the top floor of a giant snail named richmond. she is fluent in snailspeak but her accent is terrible. neither good nor evil; she prefers to let nature take its course. she wears a gold wedding ring around her right ankle.
name: richmond
age: he won't say.
richmond claims to be a dinosaur snail. he rents out the top floors of his shell, while his internal organs occupy the ground floor. he is fluent in human tongue, but lacks the mouth structure to speak it.
name: tristan grodkropp
age at time of death: 19
birthplace: sweden
after being thrown off his horse, tristan's head was cracked open, and his dying soul was sucked into a frog. he now spends his afterlife as lumi's familiar. during his life as a human, tristan was a bookworm, studying hard to get a good education to support his mother and himself.
name: fru grodkropp
age: 49
tristan's mother. a devout christian woman, widow to a farmer (tristan's father). she has several brothers that help to support her and her son.
name: kolya grodkropp:
age: 24
neither as intelligent nor as ambitious as his younger cousin tristan, kolya is content to raise chickens. he wishes his elders wouldn't yell at him so much.
name: suul
lumi's first familiar, now (partially) deceased. suul was eaten by lumi in order to preserve her soul and now sleeps inside her chest. occasionally sends up feathers with hints or advice written on them through lumi's throat.
name: ulla
age: about 900
birthplace: norway
a witch who spends most of her time milling about with european royalty, ulla will suck up to anyone in a position of power. ulla likes to believe that she is favoured by king simo, and gave herself the title of "lady". she claims to be lumi's friend - just in case.
name: sindri
age: about 3200
familiar: hrimfaxi (deceased)
birthplace: siberia
the first son of baba yaga, fathered by the night things. after abusing his power as the witch king, his younger brother simo overthrew him, exiling him to the other places. before simo could finish sindri off, he tricked lumi into marrying him. the curse on lumi's wedding ring prevents anyone from entering or exiting his home except her - unfortunately, that includes him.
name: king simo
age: about 3000
familiar: arvakr
birthplace: west russia
the second son of baba yaga, fathered by the dawn folk. simo is the current witch king. like his paranoid fathers, simo is haunted by the fact that his older brother is still alive, and spends most of his time trying to find a loophole to finish him off.
name: prince sisu
age: about 2600
familiar: skinfaxi
birthplace: east aral sea
the third son of baba yaga, fathered by the day people. when his mother left the human world for the other places, he followed her and vowed to light her way. sisu is a bit lonely with only his mother and familiar for company. he spends his time making the barren wastelands of the other places more habitable, waiting for the day that the other witches join them.
name: baba yaga
age: damn old
familiar: better not to ask
baba yaga would prefer it if everyone left her alone. she is disappointed in her two eldest sons, and doesn't hold much hope for sisu either. baba yaga ages each time a question is asked of her; thus, she allowed her sons only one question each.