28 Nov 2014 07:28 am

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28 Nov 2014 07:32 am

i'm sorry this isn't a new page, but i have started the next one at least! i'm behind not just on hemlock but on schoolwork because of freelance work, oh dear oh dear...

this is a little preview lumi from the hemlock sketchbook!

if youíre at all considering buying the digital PDF version of my hemlock sketchbook, i would recommend doing it sooner than later; i might have to stop selling it, unless the VAT MOSS mess gets sorted out (naniiebim has a good summary here).

link to my etsy store here

(actually, come to think of it, if you want a hardcopy hurry too! iím down to the last 16 and if you want it by christmas royal mailís last posting dates are here)

06 Mar 2015 10:21 pm


28 Nov 2014 10:49 pm

Had the sketchbook waiting for me when I came back home for break this week, I was thrilled to get it and absolutely love it!! <3

01 Dec 2014 05:07 pm

Wow. What a mess. I think they're trying to prevent loopholes for big businesses from escaping from VAT taxes, but because of the greater resources that big businesses have, they'll find ways to get out of it anyways and it just undermines small businesses. An unpleasant situation, to say the least.

I'm from the US, not UK or Europe, so I don't think my signing the petition is particularly valid. Maybe I should anyways?... I don't know. Good luck, hope it all works out.

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04 Dec 2014 03:54 pm

I totally dove in and bought the sketchbook, not going to miss a chance of owning a copy.

15 Dec 2014 05:41 pm

I just got my sketchbook in the mail today, and it was even better than I had expected! I especially loved the trivia you'd included at the end, and now I love Sindri and Sisu even more than I previously did, haha. This will make it easier for me to wait for updates, but I'll be sure to buy any future chapters in print as well, like I have with the previous ones. Thank you once again for an amazing webcomic!

27 Dec 2014 01:54 pm

Hey man, I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job, and we're all really excited to see your comic.

24 Jan 2015 05:44 pm

I marathoned this recently and am frothing at the mouth for more. I hope you get a reprieve from work and the itch to make a new page!

02 Feb 2015 10:37 pm

my goodness!

I can't wait for another page please~~!!!

10 Feb 2015 06:05 pm

I just binge-read this for the first time last night and I am LOVING it so far! Can't wait for an update :)

12 Feb 2015 09:58 am


First, I really love your art and your story. Thank you.
Will you continue your story? Or do you have to stop for some reasons?
If that's the case, I totally understand and I wish you the best!

18 Feb 2015 11:03 pm


i started this 2 or 3 hours ago and its one of the best things ive read this year! keep up the good work

19 Feb 2015 12:46 pm

Would you please say what's going on with this story? I understand if something's going on in your life that's halted the updated, but please let your readers know if you're on hiatus or have dropped Hemlock. A lot of us really got into this tale so please don't leave us hanging.

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