05 May 2011 03:44 pm


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05 May 2011 03:44 pm

Hemlock #1 is now available to buy online!
the first issue is priced at £6 plus postage and packing. it can be bought through lulu.com at my storefront here: http://stores.lulu.com/mildtarantula

06 May 2011 05:42 am

@BrightLights: you can tell how this is gonna do ;D
@Coffins_for_Kids: thank you for wanting to use it! ^^ and thank you for crediting!
@ghoulsville: haha those are meant to be dew drops, but sometimes i look at it and think they look more like lice eggs XD
@LuluWLi: ah, you can't really see them from the front in this update...i based them on some court clothes, but now i don't remember which.


05 May 2011 04:58 pm

Well that's a nice greeting. :/

05 May 2011 06:41 pm


*shrugs* What can ya do?

Kick his butt Lumi! At least mentally :V

Also, thanks for letting me use this icon, I made sure to say which comic its from on my profile.

05 May 2011 06:43 pm

his hair is so shiny! and... pompous :I

05 May 2011 09:15 pm

lol nice clothes, simo

07 May 2011 12:10 am

OOOOOOOOOOOOH that means she's in-laws with Baba Yaga!!!
"Mother" ;D

07 May 2011 11:39 pm

ah i always saw dewdrops when i lookd at his hair, but now that u said lice eggs thats all imma b able to think about

17 Jul 2011 07:31 am

he got fabulous hair :I

03 Mar 2012 09:09 pm


pompous bastard.................

06 Jan 2015 03:53 pm

"Well, you know how I feel about having a jerk like you in the family!"
Go on, say it, Lumi!!

also lice eggs XD

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