December 1st, 2011, 12:23 pm


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December 1st, 2011, 12:29 pm

these updates just get earlier and earlier in the evening...only one week left before the end of term, i'm not finished with either of my projects D: PANIC.

i'm running another competition! click next to see.


Hemlock #1, #2 and #3 are now available to buy online!
they can be bought through at my storefront here: lulu accepts both card and paypal.

lulu has put up their holiday shipping deadlines! if you were going to buy something from my lulu shop for christmas, make sure you do so in good time to avoid disappointment.

August 20th, 2019, 4:45 am

December 1st, 2011, 4:43 pm

@Fang Shinobi: sisu don't you know it's rude to talk to other people's familiars o: god damn it, these baba yaga sons.
@Iron: thank you! >m< i need it...actually, i need sleep even more haha XD i'm so tired...
@Elizabeth Plaid: nope! ^^ haha it's more than three words, actually. just...very, very quiet.
@jello-bomb: it does rhyme too XD and i'm glad you think so!
@BrightLights: haha do you think so? they look a bit thin for snowy weather to me >w<'


December 1st, 2011, 1:02 pm

S-suul?! Hm, interesting to see how Sisu is talking to her. Also, I haven't been commenting lately, lol sorry.

December 1st, 2011, 1:16 pm

Oh, end of semester fever... I know... I'll be having one in february...
Wish you luck! And lots of endurance during those sleepless nights...

December 1st, 2011, 2:29 pm

Humorous guess: "Where's... the... beef?"
Serious guess: "She... is... mine."

December 1st, 2011, 8:35 pm

Suul is so cool. It rhymes, so it must be true.
It's so great to get more backstory!!

December 3rd, 2011, 11:23 am

I just love his name for Suul.
I shall call her Madam Bird for now on. XD
But omg Lumi's shoes are fabulous!

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