17 May 2012 05:15 pm


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17 May 2012 05:15 pm

two pages tonight! i literally just finished 4.17, which is why this update is a little bit late orz

i'm going to be at MCM expo at the end of this month, anybody coming? <:


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17 May 2012 06:40 pm

Oh gosh the lace. THE LACE. *grabby hands*

18 May 2012 09:28 am

Look at all that lace!
I love the clothes you draw.

21 May 2012 07:19 pm

Hehehehe Simo you're acting like a mom! XD Pulling ears! Silly boy.
But don't be mean to Sisu! D: Read his letter!
And yes, like everyone before me, I too must compliment you on your clothes-drawing abilities. MAN that lace!!!
I want

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