17 Jun 2010 06:20 pm


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17 Jun 2010 03:49 pm

first friday update! and so begins chapter one :D i wanted to do more pages than this, but it's been a busy week. i'm in the middle of moving house and looking for internships so everything is a bit stressful.

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18 Jun 2010 07:55 pm

oh, this is lovely!
i adore your style!

19 Jun 2010 07:27 pm

You've got such a cute style, and I /adore/ this particular page!

19 Jul 2013 11:17 pm

I honestly cannot fathom how it is possible to do up all those buttons without help. I mean, zippers I got, but those buttons? Man. That is just a gigantic rocketship butt in your face to have to do that in the morning.

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