09 Sep 2010 07:44 pm


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09 Sep 2010 08:06 pm

another silent movie style update! next time there will be dialogue and speech bubbles, i swear >_< i wanted to get way more pages done this week but it's been so busy...next week i will aim higher! i really need to get chapter one done by the end of this month, i need to start working on the printed copies for MCM expo!

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09 Sep 2010 08:35 pm

Ahhh these pages are phenomenal. <3 Haha I love the labeling of snail guts lol

10 Sep 2010 08:41 am

Don't stress about updating, we all know how hard it is to make a comic! And yours is just so amazing, it's worth any wait :)

10 Sep 2010 08:42 am

Ohhhh so sweet >.< That adorably studious little frog ... I bet he'll melt the witches heart ;D

And you can bet I'll snap up a copy of Hemlock if you have copies at the expo *u* Heeheeeee.

10 Sep 2010 09:17 am

I don't mind the 'speechless' pages. Your story-telling is good (very very very) enough to make the story clear to the audience without speechbubbles.

10 Sep 2010 10:58 am

Oh my goodness, I just love these pages. You have such a great story-telling ability, the emotions are captured so perfectly!

And froggy is just too cute in the second panel! <3 I feel sorry for him though, thinking about his mother, aww.

10 Sep 2010 11:04 am

Wonderful pages!
I think the less they talk the better. There's no need to be letters all over the page as lond as it's all clear what's goin' on.

10 Sep 2010 02:44 pm

Your pages are gorgeous even without words<3 It's also very impressive if an artist can convey a story and character personalities with pictures only^^

20 Oct 2010 07:27 am

This map is so much fun.

15 Mar 2011 02:41 am

this is my favourite page!

29 Apr 2011 12:29 am

gasp thats only a one bedroom snail? unacceptabl- wait y's there no bathroom?...is that wat the snail guts are for?

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