got a question?
email me at mild (dot) tarantula (at) gmail (dot) com!

who are you?
my name is josceline and i'm a cartoonist and animator. i did my BA in graphic design at the london college of communication and i'm currently studying MA character animation at central saint martins.

what's your update schedule?
the aim is once a week on thursday evening GMT, but realistically hemlock is currently updated when it's possible for me to draw the comic. freelance work and studying animation eat up most of my time at the moment.

do you have an RSS feed?
yup, here it is: hemlock RSS

are you on social media?
i'm on tumblr, facebook, twitter, instagram, picarto and vimeo.

how do you make each page of hemlock?
i use indian ink with size 000 to 1 brushes on A4 heavyweight paper, sometimes with faber castell pitt pens for details. the image is then scanned in and screentone and speech bubbles are added using manga studio debut v4.

will there be a collected edition?
yes, eventually the plan is to do a hardcover collection. the story is 6 chapters long so once it's finished i'll probably kickstart a collected edition. but until then you can buy the individual volumes on my lulu store.

can i get signed copies of your books?
because distribution and handling is all done by lulu, the only way to get signed copies is to come see me at a convention where i'll happily sign them for free, whether you've bought them previously or if you buy them from me there (if you catch me when it's quiet i'll do a doodle for you too!). the other option is that i sometimes sell leftover stock on etsy which i can sign and sketch for you, keep an eye on my social media accounts for this.

do you do commissions?
sometimes! again, if i'm doing them i'll usually announce this on tumblr or twitter.

why isn't the comic in colour?
black and white lets me update faster and get more pages out there, and it's much cheaper to print in B/W than in colour. plus i like B/W, so.

what are you inspired by?
this is a really boring question!! i'm inspired by an awful lot of things, and i think if you're only inspired by one or two things it's easy to pen yourself in. that said, here is a list of things that come to mind: aubrey beardsley, john bauer, ted naifeh, mike mignola, tove jansson, egon schiele, gustav klimt, sailor moon, woodblock prints, german expressionism, dolls, action figures, traditional/folk/national costume, historical fashion, street style, cute ceramics, graphic art, calligraphy, haute couture, animation, a whole bunch of comics and manga, the list goes on and on...mostly visual stuff, if something looks cool i’ll want to draw it. faces too - people who have interesting or slightly odd faces are the ones i want to draw. my sister says this usually means a weird nose.

do you have any other comics?
yes, before hemlock i did two called "circle" and "ukin" but they're only in printed format. they can be found and purchased in my lulu bookshop here. i've also done some back-up comics for BOOM! studios on titles including adventure time, regular show and steven universe.

are you ever at conventions?
yes, keep checking the news page or my twitter/facebook page (links on my smackjeeves profile) for news of which ones i'll be selling at. i'm usually at mcm expo london twice a year in the comic village.